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Hey hey hey! NAT IS IN THE HOUSE! Previously spencersdrums and lucyintheskywi-faggots- I just fancied a change of scenery I suppose. So, err, yeah, I like a lot of stuff: Err The Beatles, The Who and all things classic rock (listing it all got cluttered ok) and Oasis and of course there's Supernatural and Sherlock and all that stuff and yeah there's other things but I can't remember anything. Mentally married to George Harrison and John Entwistle Please- don't be afraid to use the ask box thing- I'll try my best not to bite you! All I ask for is a lil' bit o' company. Anon, non-anon- whatever- ALL I ASK FOR IS COMPANY!! Well that didn't sound desperate at all... hit counter
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my favorite thing in the world is how george harrison used to reference such obscure monty python quotes that eric idle didn’t even know what he was talking about

The arch-thinker, free scheming, scarcely ever to be curbed midfield cognoscento… Jimmy Buzzard.

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